Hi Daryl,

Thanks so much for all the effort you and Shannon put into running the first session of your Fit Club; it was a fantastic experience!  I think your approach of combining fitness training with nutritional advice was exactly what I needed.  While I have always considered myself food savvy and have never been a consumer of packaged, factory foods in my life, I still learned a great deal about how our body processes the fuel we give it.  Your meal plan was smart, easy to follow and very nutritious, so I had little trouble adjusting my eating to adhere to it (even though I resisted heavily when my homemade sourdough bread was clearly not on the meal plan).  

The exercise portion of the program was exactly what I needed as well.  The variety and combination of interval training with strength training was a great jump start to my fitness regime.  Left to my own devices in a gym, I would never have progressed to the point I am now just 8 short weeks after we started.  The best part is that it has made me fall in love with exercise for the first time in my life!

Thanks again to you and Shannon!