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12 Sep 2007

    In order to make favorable changes in your body, one of your primary goals is to increase your Basal Metabolic Rate. You can increase your BMR by making exercise a daily habit. This will increase your body-composition toward lean. Lean tissue is more metabolically active than fat, so, your basal energy output also will increase.

    The amount of energy you spend in exercise depends on your personal lifestyle and exercise preferences.For example,  the larger the muscle groups  you use in your activity, and the more time you consistently invest, the more calories you spend.

    Voluntary activity of exercise is the most immediate change you can make to help increase daily caloric expenditure. Whether you are interested in fat-loss or muscle gain, increasing energy expenditure through consistent daily aerobic exercise will ensure that weight-loss is due to fat-loss rather than muscle tissue.

    Now that you understand the two basic expenditures of metabolism;  basal metabolic rate and voluntary exercise expenditure; let's explore the necessary conditions for change to occur.

Daryl Conant