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12 Sep 2007

    Remember, metabolism will define what our bodies will be -- or become. The basal metabolic rate is the minimum amount of energy required to fuel our basic physiological functions. Any decrease in calories below this BMR will result in the decrease in lean muscle tissue. A decrease in muscle tissue slows  the metabolic expenditure, which leads to an eventual increase in body-fat to protect the body from perceived starvation.

    In order to make a favorable change in your current body-composition, the appropriate conditions must be consistently maintained for the desired change to occur. For weight/muscle gain, the body must experience a positive energy balance. By consuming more calories than the current BMR requires, an effective weight/strength training program will stimulate the desired growth.

    For weight/fat-loss to occur, an individual must consume enough calories to maintain and support their BMR and create a negative energy balance by increasing voluntary aerobic activity. It's that simple. Remember, all desired changes in body composition rely upon the metabolism to build muscle or burn fat.

Daryl Conant