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The Key to Fitness is Discipline! > Get All Your Muscles Involved

14 Sep 2007

    To maximize efficient fat-burning metabolism, your activities should involve as many muscle groups as possible. The more muscle mass required to perform, the more energy required to feed that exercise.

    Activities such as walking/jogging/running outdoors or on a treadmill, are effective fat-burners as long as you're in your target heart rate. These are efficient activities because you are supporting your own body-weight in an u[right position and your upper body is free to move.

    The same holds true for aerobic type classes. However, be sure to stay within you THR during these classes. Even though you may participate in an hour-Long class. actual cardiovascular activity may last only 35 to 40 minutes.

    Equipment such as the stair climber will be a little less efficient if you hold on to the rail. This is because the upper body is not moving freely to burn energy. The stationary bicycles will even be less efficient because the seated positions does not burn the same amount of energy as the person supporting their own weight.

Daryl Conant