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14 Sep 2007

    For the person seeking health or wellness, physical activity is as important as nutrition or sleep. It promotes fitness. And, since a fit body looks healthy and attractive, it enhances appearance.

    To understand exercise we must first refer back to metabolism. The term metabolism refers to chemical reactions that take place within the body. As explained earlier, metabolism is the sum energy expenditure of all bodily functions. It is the amount of energy our bodies require and burn during one day.

    Aerobic metabolism refers to a series of chemical reactions that requires the presence of oxygen. In contrast, anaerobic metabolism means just the opposite- a series of chemical reactions that does not require the presence of oxygen.

    Energy is described as the capacity or ability to perform work. The most common unit of measure is the calorie.

    To understand how the body fulfills the caloric energy demand during exercise without the presence of oxygen we much discuss your body's complex fuel systems.


Daryl Conant