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diet Earth


Daryl's Second Publication "diet EARTH"™ discusses the reality about nutrition and how food works in the body. After reading diet EARTH™ you will have a greater understanding of the purpose of nutrition on Earth.  This book is not a diet, it is an instructional guide on how to eat, when to eat, what to eat and why we need to eat. Diet Earth™ is a great resource of complete intelligent nutrition for the ages.  A must have for anyone serious about nutrition and being fit.


I am very proud of this book.  My goal with writing this book is to help explain the complexity of nutrition in a simple way.  There is so much about nutrition that we have only touched upon as humans, and I feel that this book will make people more conscious  about what they put into their body.  This is my contribution to planet Earth.  I hope you enjoy it. Bon appetite!


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