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Daryl Conant, M.Ed.

Fitness Experience

- Current Owner/Founder of The Fitness Nut Enterprises, LLC. Est. 1998
- Fitness Director: Greenleaf Athletic Club, Portsmouth, NH
- Former Strength and Conditioning Coach For The United States Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO.  
- Exercise Physiologist: The Vail Physical Therapy, Vail, CO
- Teacher: East Tennessee State Univ., Johnson City, TN
- Founder of 3-D Neuromuscular Proprioceptive Manipulation
- Specialist in Sports Conditioning 
- Pilates Instructor
- Author
- Inventor
Natural for Life bodybuilder:
2nd place 2004 Granite State Bodybuilding Championship
4th place 2002 Granite State Bodybuilding Championship
2nd place 1992 Yankee Classic
2nd place 1992 Maine Natural
REMAXX Long Drive New England District Champion 2006

Research Experience

- Administered and analyzed research on the efficiency of band resistance on vertical jump performance among collegiate level athletes.  Also investigated the relationship between resistance band and isotonic training and their relationship on morphological effects.
- Administered and analyzed research on the sprinting style of Jamician Olympic sprinter Michael Green.
- Investigated the cause and effect relationship of high protein vs. high carbohydrate diets.
- Investigated the benefit of functional training protocols among golfers.
- Extensive research related to the study of eating disorders and muscle dysmorphia among men and women athletes and non-athletes.
** Currently involved in the research of different weight training protocols and supplementation programs to determine their validity.

Clinical Experience

- Medical Rehabilitation and Associates, Lewiston, ME
- Vail Physical Therapy, Vail, CO
- Center for Behavioral Health, Johnson City, TN
- Lucas Therapies, Roanoke, VA

Professional Memberships and Certifications
- American College of Sports Medicine  (ACSM)
- Titiest Performance Institute: Level II Certified
- National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
- American Council on Exercise (ACE)
- Exercise Safety Association
- American Natural Bodybuilding Committee
- LifeStyles Technologies
- CPR/ First Aid Certified