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"Daryl Conant was an outstanding mentor to me not only in getting my career in strength and conditioning started,but in getting my body and mind in the right place when I had exhausted pretty much all my other options for doing so. His experience, passion, education, and insatiable desire to help others makes him an outstanding resource to me to this day."

Eric Cressey President, Cressey Performance - Hudson, MA


"Daryl Conant's has a firm grasp of the biomechanics and kinesiology of the golf swing. His golf conditioning program is exceptional in getting golfers in better physical condition. I trust in his ability wholeheartedly and would recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their physical aspect of their golf game."

Scott Stallings, PGA TOUR Professional, 2011 Greenbrier Classic Champion, T-27 2012 Masters

"Daryl's knowledge in strength and conditioning is vast. His ability to adapt to the athletes strength and weakness and to make them faster, and stronger is Daryl's asset. I would highly recommend Daryl's 3D Sports Conditioning to any athlete at any age and level."

John Lovett Defensive Coach-- Texas Tech Former defensive coach for the; Miami Hurricanes, Ole Miss, Auburn University, Clemson Tigers and the NFL.


"Daryl was a great asset in the development and conditioning of Olympic hopefuls during the 1994 and 1996 Olympic seasons."

Vinny Comisky USOC Colorado Springs, CO


I have a member at the fitness but house for the past 8 years. I love it because it is an non-intimidating Atmosphere and because Daryl is always willing and able to help with getting in shape. It really feels like a community instead of a gym and there are lots of special events. I've tried many of the classes and all have been challenging and lots of fun! I will continue to be a member for the rest of my life! I just love the Fitness Nut House! 

Cyndi Smith


 I have been working out at the Fitness Nut House for four consecutive years now, participating in both group classes and individual training sessions with Daryl. What strikes me most about the environment and Daryl himself is the total commitment and interest he shows his members to improve their way of life and how they feel.  He is genuinely concerned about each member reaching their own fitness goals, whatever they may be.  With tennis in my background, I have been fortunate in my life to be around great coaches and trainers growing up and through college.I can honestly say I have never been around a trainer more knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about what he does than Daryl.He has structured workouts for me that are different than anything I have done in the past. I find I am constantly learning something new every time I am there, whether it be in a class or one on one.  For four years, I am always impressed how many times I walk out of the gym having done at least one new exercise for the very first time. That makes it very interesting, fun, and yes, difficult!

        We all have a great number of choices for our fitness needs.  From the gym we choose, boot-camp we attend, sports,  home DVDs, etc…. For myself as a busy adult, what makes The Fitness Nut House so valuable is the efficiency of the workouts. In a one hour class, I feel I get more than my money's worth every single minute.  The classes are fun with great camaraderie and many laughs, but everyone gets a super workout and leaves feeling great! I highly recommend The Fitness Nut House to anyone looking to better their fitness and their way of life. 


Brian Powell--Kennebunkport


I just completed the 4 week golf conditioning program at The Fitness Nut in Kennebunk.I could go on and on about the many benefits I gained through this great course, but I'll share just a few. Having an athletic trainer who actually plays the game of golf (Daryl) was probably most helpful. He was able to help me identify my strengths and weaknesses and really target the areas I needed to work most.
Kirk Kimball (a local golf professional) was there at each class to analyze all participants' golf swings. I was able to see on video where I needed to improve my turn to generate more power. By working on balance, posture, upper, lower and core strength, and flexibility, we were able to work all the integral parts of the golf swing.  
One thing we golfers tend to do is to arrive at the course just in time to tee off. Pre-golf exercising or warm ups are not usually part of our golf outing regimen. I came to realize that you need to take the time to get your body ready to play golf just like the pros and it does not take that long.
We were taught golf specific drills and new techniques to get us physically fit for the game in season and out of season. We learned a set of warm ups designed for golfers that gets your body ready to tee off and help you avoid injury.
In short, Daryl and Kirk really helped me get ready for this season.I highly recommend this course to any golfer--you will improve your game!


Marc Feldman


When I retired at the end of 2001, I knew that I had to find a gym to try to
undo the physical ills caused by all those years of sitting at a desk.
After considering several alternatives, I chose the Fitness Nut House and
never regretted my decision.
Initially I worked with Daryl to develop a suitable program but now I do my
own routine. 
I think what has kept me coming back to the Fitness Nut House for all these
years is the casual atmosphere which provides added impetus to work out in a
non-threatening venue.

George L.


Before I joined the Fitness Nut House I was in poor shape. My blood pressure was high, I was taking cholesterol medications, I felt tired all the time, and couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath. I joined the Fitness Nut House seven years ago and it has saved my life. I have lost a total of fifty pounds of fat, am off all medications and I completed five 5K's. 


David S.

Before I met Daryl, I knew nothing about fitness. At the time I was over training and going down the path of destroying my body. Now, through his guidance, I have gained the knowledge to meet and surpass all my fitness goals. Not only am I faster, stronger, and a lower body fat percentage, but I have also gained invaluable knowledge in nutrition and body mechanics.

Donald Szlosek

I have been a member since 2002 and the FNH is addicting (it has become my second home)! The instructors are caring, committed and always bringing new ideas to classes to keep them both challenging & motivating! Daryl is a wealth of information on all things fitness and nutrition! 

Jan Auger

The classes are challenging and fun. There is so diversity in the programs that I never get bored. The instructors are professional and are knowledgable. Thanks FNH for pushing my limits.

Scott D.

I have been a member for only a few months and I have already noticed a difference in my body fat percentage. The way Daryl explains how the body works is easy to understand and makes sense. Now I don't slave away doing only cardio machines, I have been incorporating weight training into my program and it has made a big difference. 

Susan T.


I’ve been a member of the Fitness Nuthouse for several years now and the sense of community and “belonging”  in that building continues to impress me.  What also impresses me about the house that Daryl has built, is the quality of the people who are members.  You’ll see members working out there from age 8 to 88 and the environment is; friendly, supportive and inviting.  If you’re looking for a specific class, there is an array of programs, at least one of which has to 

appeal to everyone.   


I’ve been a regular at early morning spin for over a year now and attribute my participation there to largely rebuilding my knee and my exercise attitude.   I’m vested with my fellow class members, including their fitness goals and development.  I’ve watched in fascination and pride as “spin friends” have entered as slightly self-conscious out-of- shape members and risen to become fit, confident athletes.  I’ve also watched our group morph into inspired 

combinations of various teams and competitors pushing each other at Daryl’s morning boot camp classes and outside the gym as well.  A number of us have committed to train for and compete as a team, known as the “Dirty Nuts” in an outdoor fitness course called the Dynamic Dirt Challenge, a four mile obstacle course type race coming up early this 



Many people, like me, have come to respect the organization that Daryl has built.  The gym itself has so many fitness options; all the machines that one could want, a ton of free weights, spin bikes, strider machines, a Pilates room, a circuit of heavy bags, straps, ropes, bungees, heavy balls, physio balls and probably much more than I’m recalling.  Many folks have also come to understand the types of quality programs that Daryl constructs in order to help athletes create sport specific strength and agility and to properly utilize all the amazing equipment and well designed space.  It’s Daryl’s comprehensive understanding of the human physiology which separates him from the average gym owner and it’s also the basis for my favorite and most meaningful interaction with Daryl. 


In January 2011 I developed a knot between my shoulder blades which was fairly debilitating.  I had radiating pain and numbness down my left arm and into my hand.  The discomfort was so intense that I couldn’t sit still in the MRI machine, but after the MRI was finally completed and read it was clear that I had disc problems which created swelling and nerve problems.  After some medical intervention to help with the swelling, I went to see Daryl.  The effect of the 

injury was so significant that it had created huge imbalance in my posture.  I was carrying myself in a very ugly and unhealthy way.  Daryl got to work with me.  We worked together for over 6 weeks on a program of stretching and strengthening.  It was difficult and it was painful, but because I could so easily see and buy into the results, it was easy to welcome that pain and work the program that Daryl laid out for me.  I wish that I had documented the before and after.  However, you’ll have to trust me when I say that it was as remarkable, transforming and with luck (I’m going on 14 months of pain free health), lasting. 


There are so many ways to add to one’s community, but what better way than to help so many with the pursuit of their best health?  Everyone is on their own path with unique timing.  I’ve thanked Daryl personally for what he’s done for me individually, for my family, for my friends, for those who I didn’t know as friends until I shared experiences with them at the Fitness Nuthouse, and for my community at large.  I appreciate the work that Daryl does to meet his clients at wherever they are at that time with their health and work with them to get better and I couldn’t more highly recommend him as a trainer, rehab physiologist and gym owner. 

Kirk Butterfield , Kennebunk, Maine

It's family owned and operated, that's what I love about it. It's very welcoming, has a great clientele and I can always ask Daryl questions about fitness and nutrition.

Gayle F.

It's the place to go if you want to be fit.

Ron S.

I enjoy working out and the social aspect of the gym. It's a great incentive to come on a regular basis.

Patricia C.

Having been to numerous gyms, I am grateful for the personal touch that Joy and Daryl Conant provide. It makes a difference. The family first atmosphere adds to the community.

Liam M.

Danika and Eileen teach fun, motivating classes that can challenge anyone no matter what level of fitness they are at. They are really concerned with how I am doing and making sure that I am doing good form. 

Becky S.

It's like a club among friends. It's a habit for me that I truly enjoy. Small and intimate is what I prefer over the bigger gyms.

John B.

We love coming here and feel so at home here. We love the people and love the vibe. It's the place to be and we couldn't imagine starting our day any other way!

Diane and Ed S.

I like the low key, non-intimidating environment and the convenience. Everyone is friendly and the staff is knowledgable. I have been a member since 2001. 

Maria M.

Prior to joining the Fitness Nut House, I could not raise my arms above my shoulders without pain from my tendonitis. A simple thing like putting a harness or bridle on my horse was difficult and my shoulders ached just holding my arms up to handle the reins. I seldom slept through the night without pain and I had to take prescription drugs along with cortisone shots to get relief. 

Since being on the F.I.T. Program along with other specific exercises suggested by Daryl and daily supplements, I am totally prescription drug free (I don't even need Tylenol) and haven't had a joint injection in over 7 years! Thank you Daryl.

Diane E.

Daryl is one of the smartest trainers I know. He cares about your personal goals whether you are just starting out or are an avid gym buff. His personal attention is amazing, from the moment you walk into his gym, or even if he sees you around town. Kennebunk and the local community is very blessed to have him in town.

Keep up the great work.

Lee C. Video Creations

The Fitness Nut House and in particular, Daryl Conant, is by far the most knowledgeable exercise guru.  His commitment to fitness for himself and our community goes far above any other gym I have ever been involved with including my past memberships in downtown Boston.  He always has a solution for every situation and provides it with enthusiasm, confidence & humor.  In addition, he is a great husband & father.  I would recommend anyone to the Fitness Nut House to receive the highest quality of fitness education.

Sheryl B.

When I get out of boot camp class I feel strong, empowered, ready to start my day! This class ROCKS! member since 1999.

Carla J.

I am 73 years old and never thought that I could get benefit from exercise. I was referred to the Fitness Nut House by my doctor. After 9 months of working out I have reduced my blood pressure. I sleep better at night, and have more energy during the day. I recommend the Fitness Nut House to anyone wanting a safe, non-intimidating place to workout. 

Richard H.

"The spinning program at the Fitness Nut House is the best of its kind and keeps me coming back. Danika, Jen, Susie and Andrea are great instructors. 

Melissa Boyd

"I joined The Fitness NutHouse in 2010, and have found it to be the best all-around gym in the area. This is a gym that can serve just about any athlete or average person, looking to improve their sports performance or daily fitness level. The range of equipment and classes, combined with Daryl’s expertise, are exceptional and incredibly complete. There is something for everyone at the Nuthouse – from spinning, to pilates, to conditioning classes, to cardio equipment, to a full weightroom, to sports rehab and performance study. 

Personally, my favorite part of the NutHouse is that it has a private-studio feel; it is more like a small training facility than a watered-down, oversized health club. I find it much easier to focus on my workouts and classes when the environment is calm, carefully set up, and not overstimulating. The icing on the cake is that you have access to Daryl, who is one of the most intuitive and knowledgeable trainer I have met in my 23 years of working in health and fitness. It’s a literal treat to pick his brain at times - he is a wealth of expertise and knowledge!"

Susie K.


I’ve worked out at a number of gyms over the course of my life and I’ve had some periodic success but nothing that really stuck, it seemed like if I was out of the gym for a brief period I’d be back to square one. It was only through meeting Daryl Conant did I begin to really understand the connection between nutrition and exercise, and it’s only now that I’m really seeing the results that I want. Daryl’s extensive knowledge of how the body uses the foods we eat has changed my entire perspective on eating and working out. It’s become more of a lifestyle commitment then a gym membership.


In addition to Daryl’s understanding of the affects of nutrition on the body is his expertise in weight training and his availability. I have never before worked out with a true professional who I could actually bounce a question off of and get an immediate detailed answer from, typically explaining why I would want to perform a particular exercise and exactly how to perform it to gain the most results. To me this goes far beyond the typical health club employee sitting behind the counter reading a magazine.


Couple Daryl’s life long dedication to building muscle and strength with his nutritional knowledge and what you’ll have are the base ingredients for the Fitness Nut House, but what brings it all together for me is the gym environment it’s self. Not only has Daryl built a gym around equipment that he knows will bring results he also runs fitness classes that range from weight loss programs to sports specific clinics. He’s really managed to get it all in under one roof and I think he succeeds because everything he does has a purpose and people recognize that. And speaking of people, what a great group of folks I’ve met at the Fitness Nut House, Daryl has attracted a healthy crew ranging from the spunky seniors who hit it every morning to the young Mom’s working it after the kids get on the bus to those mature ladies who are still kicking butt to those forty something Dads like me and all those athletes in between who train their hearts out for hobby or competition. Daryl has done a great job!


Jeff Radel Kennebunk, Maine

I have been a part of the Fitness Nut House community for many years because simply put, it meets my needs. At the core of every activity at The Nut House is deep knowledge and expertise -- in nutrition, exercise, and wellness; expertise that is continually updated according to the latest research. Alongside the science is a family atmosphere where supportive people engage in friendly competition and fun and ever-changing exercise classes that help us to achieve our fitness goals. There is no better place for a fully rewarding fitness experience.

Jennifer Elwell Comeau


Why is the Fitness Nut House my choice for a gym?  Living in the Kennebunks for more than a dozen years, I appreciate the great small town feeling that we all enjoy.  Being a member of the FNH is the same.  A great example of a small town business that personalizes and cares about its clients.

Daryl is often a ‘task-master’ but his on-going encouragement, support and always friendly approach make working out (at 6:30AM) a pleasure!  Because of the diversity of programs, equipment and always seeing my ‘AM friends’,  the Fitness Nut House is and will be my gym.  Thanks Daryl.

Rick Wolf